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OncologIQ is a computer model that provides individual survival prognosis for patients with head and neck cancer. Physicians can use this model together with the patient during consultations, supporting discussions on life expectancy. Current counselling on life expectancy without such a model relies on average numbers from large groups of patients and is therefore more general. This model operates as follows: individual patient characteristics are entered in the model, such as tumor status or age. Based on this input, the model calculates an individual chance that the patient will still be alive over a given period of time. Please note, this estimate concerns an approximation of the probability of survival and may therefore turn out to be more positive or negative in reality.

For further explanation about the model, all literature on OncologIQ and related prognostic models can be found here . In case of additional questions about the model, we recommend contacting the treating physician or reaching out via the email address provided below.

Contact: OncologIQ@erasmusmc.nl

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De ACE-27 scoort co-morbiditeit in 11 verschillende orgaansystemen (zie tabel hieronder).

Je scoort per orgaansysteem een maximum score op alle onderdelen:
  • Score 0 = none
  • Score 1 = mild
  • Score 2 = moderate
  • Score 3 = severe

De totaalscore is de hoogste score die behaald is in een van de orgaansystemen (0/1/2/3). Let op: indien in twee verschillende orgaansystemen score 2 wordt behaald, wordt de totaal score 3. In geval van twijfel tussen twee scores, kies dan voor de minst ernstige graad.

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